January 29, 2021

2021-03-05 | 18:19:48

"Scott was helpful from the get-go. He was concise and informative about my IP infringement issue and was eager to help while staying cost-effective and goal-driven based on my needs. The matter was able to be resolved with his direction. I would recommend with any issues you're having regarding IP law!"
November 4, 2020

2021-03-05 | 18:20:09

"After an extensive review of the the various firms in the Denver area with practical IP litigation experience in Federal court, we engaged this firm and specifically William Groh to represent our company in a trademark dispute. His handling of our dispute was exceptional and we would absolutely not hesitate to engage them on further matters in the future."
October 28, 2020

2021-03-05 | 18:20:42

"I have worked with Thomas P Howard's Law firm for a few years now. They have been a 100% on resolving all our legal issues. I have had the opportunity to work with Thomas P Howard, William Groh; and recently Olayinka Hamza. I have yet to be disapointed in the quality of knowledge and service from everyone in the law firm. I recently had the opportunity to work with Hamza. He was wonderful. He made sure I understood all my rights and options. I felt he had personal interest in my case. He would call me after he got home, and on weekends to make sure that I had no concerns. I was very impressed how he handled each situation that came up durning our legal battle. I would recommend Hamza to anyone who is need of legal help. A very stressful event turned into a very satisfying ending. Hamza delivered a 100%."
September 16, 2020

2021-03-05 | 18:21:15

"Scott E. Brenner from Howard P Thomas, LLC. has been a huge help in showing us how to protect our assets. We are very grateful for his legal advise."
August 26, 2020

2021-03-05 | 18:21:34

"I contacted Scott Brenner about a trademark issue. He was incredibly informative and honest about the process. Even though he did not recommend moving forward with trademarking, he spent the time to outline my options. He refused to invoice me for the time spent on emails and phone calls, which is greatly appreciated. Although I did not hire his firm for legal representation, I would not hesitate to do so if my situation changed. Kudos Scott!"
March 12, 2020

"They have the most integrity of all the trade and patent type attorneys in the Denver Area, I highly recommend them."
February 20, 2020

"Scott Brenner has been fantastic to work with! This firm came recommended to me by another attorney because I was looking for legal guidance on copyrights, trademarks, and similar issues. I came to the right place. Scott has been so responsive and clearly answers all of my questions. I have been most impressed with his detailed and quick turn-around time on contract reviews, which has enabled me to efficiently continue my work with clients. I highly recommend Scott to anyone needing similar legal guidance!"
December 20, 2019

"Our firm retained Thomas P. Howard, LLC for a breach of contract, fiduciary duties, and civil theft claims. Upon my initial conversation with William (Bill) Groh, I knew that we had chosen a firm that would diligently work on a favorable outcome for us. I can't say enough about the professional representation, attention to detail, knowledge, and understanding that Bill gave to our case. Tom showed compassion and helped us continue to fight for what was rightfully legally ours. Also, other attorneys in the firm step in when needed and was in tune with our end goals. As Chairman, day to day operations, commitment to investors and litigation was mentally draining. Bill"s attitude was Never Give Up! I hope that we never have a need of this magnitude again. However, if we do, we know who to call."
March 12, 2019

2021-03-05 | 18:22:41

"We have been working with Tom, Scott, Bill & Jenifer of Thomas P. Howard LLC since 2015 on various issues, mostly on Intellectual Property /Copyright infringement issues (my wife is a NY Times, USA Today, WSJ bestselling romance author and had to deal with her books being translated without consent and also her not so great agent - now ex-agent). And yes, we worked with all four attorneys that I mentioned above and all of them have been fantastic to work with. And better yet, all of the issues with my wife's writing career have been resolved in our favor! I have no problem/qualms about recommending Thomas P. Howard, LLC to anyone who would benefit from their expertise! (Disclaimer: If you see any typos or grammatical errors, please accept my sincere apologies. In my defense though I'd like to point out that I'm not the author! lol)"
January 28, 2019

2021-03-05 | 18:22:55

"Focused litigation firm that made sure I got the result I wanted. Understood my case and understood the small details. Highly recommend."
January 12, 2018

2021-03-05 | 18:43:30

"Thomas and his firm were excellent! They provided a service beyond my expectations. Tom proved to have exceptional knowledge in his field. He was transparent with me while maintaining confidence throughout my case. Tom and his staff were also very responsive and maintained open lines of communication. Tom took the time to listen and understand my situation. He was well organized and methodical in his plan, one which he executed to precision. He was genuine and took pride in representing me. Thomas P Howard LLC, possesses attributes that stand above all else. I'm extremely grateful for all of your hard work, service, and dedication."
March 17, 2017

2021-03-05 | 18:43:48

"My wife and I would like to take the time to say a few words about our experience with our attorney and his firm. We were being sued for copyright infringement and was given Tom Howards name and firm from a friend. Very fortuitous. I was working overseas at the time and most everything fell on my wife to take care of our business. Mr. Howard was up front about the length of time this case was going to take and the process. He was right on the money. The process took nearly 4 years and in the end we prevailed. we would recommend Mr. Howard and his firm to anyone in need of this type of expertise. Ronald and Tammie Wagner Windsor Colorado"
January 3, 2017

2021-03-05 | 18:44:04

"As a business owner I need an attorney that gets it right the first time. I can’t afford to take chances with just any run of the mill lawyer. I have close to 50 employees and their families depending on me to make the right decisions to ensure their success and security. I hired Thomas P. Howard to help me protect my company against another entity that was profiting from using my company name. Thomas Howard was amazing. He was very focused and was quickly able to stop the damage and force the other company to quit its harmful practices. He saved me tens of thousands in damages. My advice to anyone looking for an attorney…. Don’t take any chances, go with Thomas P. Howard Law. They are Professional, Friendly, affordable and they get it right the first time! Heath B."
May 20, 2016

2021-03-05 | 18:44:19

"Called for a basic question in establishing a new business in the state. I talked with Mr. Howard himself who was very informative and took time to understand my question. Will definitely be going to him should the need arise in the future."
April 17, 2015

2021-03-05 | 18:44:31

"Terrific counsel. Friendly and open, answered all my questions. Real go-getters. Recommending to all of my friends from now on, they went above and beyond."