Trade Secrets

The Colorado trade secret attorneys at Thomas P. Howard, LLC, regularly handle trade secret litigation under the Colorado Uniform Trade Secret Act. Trade secret attorney Thomas Howard has litigated and won trade secret litigation in Colorado at both the trial and appellate levels. Attorney Howard further acts as a trade secret expert for parties and counsel requiring expert third-party testimony. Examples of recent trade secret litigation include:
Touch Screen

  • Thomas Howard in Saturn Systems v. Militare went to trial in Denver District Court and obtained a judgment on behalf of Plaintiff for injunctive relief, damages and attorneys’ fees arising from the defendant’s intentional theft of trade secrets. On appeal, Thomas Howard again represented Saturn Systems. The Colorado Court of Appeals in 2011 firmly upheld the trial court’s decision and awarded legal fees to Thomas Howard’s client for the cost of litigating the appeal.
  • Thomas Howard successfully obtained permanent injunctive relief on behalf of an online tax services company in order to freeze a defendant’s theft of trade secrets.
  • Thomas Howard successfully defended a trade secret matter for a U.S. citizen residing in the People’s Republic of China, obtaining a settlement and dismissal at the outset of the dispute.

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