Monthly Archives: July 2021

Bot, Once More into the Pleading Breach

By James Juo. In Bot M8 LLC v. Sony Corp. of Am., No. 20-2218 (Fed. Cir. July 13, 2021), the Federal Circuit revisited once more the pleading standards for patent infringement, and held that a plaintiff is not required to plead infringement on an element-by-element basis. Citing In re Bill of Lading Transmission & Processing […]

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Provisional Applications Are Not “Place Holders”

By: Kammie Cuneo More often than we’d like to hear, inventors refer to provisional applications as place holders—as though filing of the provisional application reserves some right to complete the invention at a later time or to supplement it after filing. But inventors should be cautioned against this attitude. The provisional application is filed under […]

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